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the mommyfesto

Dear son, I've learned a few things in life. Like:


There is no bliss in ignorance. So ask, ask, ask all your questions. (And if you’re shy, I promise that you can always ask me. I commit to flinching only very minimally, if at all. I cannot protect you from the world, but I’ll do my best to prepare you for it.)

Always ask why. Then ask one more time.

Say you don’t know when you don’t. Find out until you do. Experiment if you have to.


Believe there’s always a way to figure things out, and the chocolates on the top shelf will never really be out of reach.

Take naps.

Go up the slide.


Hug a lot.

(Hug your mom.)

Hold doors open, not because you’re a gentleman, but because it’s just a nice thing to do.

Find every opportunity to be kind. Be kind when you can. Be kind when you can’t. Do no harm when you really really can’t.

You’re never too old for blanket forts. And if you can wear pajamas all day, do it.

Keep laughing at weird things.

Be the weird thing that makes others laugh.


Because dear son, I’ve learned a few things in life. But lemme tell you —

I learned these from you.


lessons from my 5-year-old

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hi, i'm mikli!

Motherhood came as a surprise. I went from little girl, to little girl with a little boy. At 20, I was leaking breastmilk from under my PE shirt and rushing to pump before my neuropsychology class! I'm parenting while still growing up myself, and finding I'm learning a lot more from my son than I'm teaching him.