"I love you!"
"I love chicken nuggets."

Hi, I'm Mikli! Once upon a time, I had a little boy. Motherhood began young; I was pregnant at 19, "mommy!" at 20, and now being outsmarted by my favorite weirdo at 25!

Six years ago, I had no idea what was happening. Six years later ... okay, I still have no idea what's happening! 

But then again, what's motherhood if not a messy and a constant adventure of figuring things out?

.... and butt-wiping, and answering very loud, very awkward, and very public questions, and tweeting things your kid says because you can't make that shit up?

Here is a place for stories: funny stories, frustrated stories, confused stories, I-might-have-actually-learned-something stories - and your stories! Share away! Frazzled loves company!

Welcome in, enjoy your stay, and... would you happen to have extra baby wipes?

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(Frequently Asked) Questions

Even if no one's asking, I'll answer them anyway!

Q. What's a stesha?

A. It me! My full name is Ma. Stesha-Mikli Feria Jorge (let's go, SEO, push down my embarrassing MySpace account and bring this up to page 1 of Google!). I thought Stesha wasn't getting nearly as much love as Mikli in everyday life, so I decided to use her as my blog name!


Q. didn't you have an old blog? Where'd it go? Are your old entries gone???

A. I'm a super pack-rat who doesn't delete anything. It's here >> behindthescenes.stesha.org << and everything is still as I left it. Of course all the social media links to my old entries are now broken, but adding a quick "behindthescenes." (with the dot) before the URL should fix it!


Q. I can't think of any more questions?

A. Juuuust in case you do think of one, I'm only a tweet or an email away! ♥︎ Send jer queries to @hiddenmikli or mikli@stesha.org

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