A different kind of no excuses

And not because, "If they could do it, I should have been able to, too! Push na ‘to! No excuses!” That’s the part of my brain I’m trying to shush.

Feliz Navi-dud

"There was this one nice guy who said, well, I also have no rooms, but you guys can stay at the barn.”
“What’s a barn?”
“The place with all the animals.”
“Awwwwww! Yay!”
“Wait, no! I mean — not so yay."

The Mommyfesto

"Find every opportunity to be kind. Be kind when you can. Be kind when you can’t. Do no harm when you really really can’t."

Do kids & gadgets mix?

Love in the time of hashtags: increasing technological advancements beside increasing cries to decrease use of said technological advancements. Anuna?


He had never before heard the word.