A Good Friday Conversation


How do I, a not-very-religious mom, go about telling this story?


“So, Papa Jesus — wait, do you know who Papa Jesus is?”

“We have a Papa Jesus Church near the house!”

“Yes, that’s the one. Well, He’s the Son of God.”

“What does that mean?”

“Once upon a time, an angel came to Mama Mary. You know how you need a sperm and an egg to make a baby?”


“Well this was special. The angel said God will just put the baby in Mary’s tummy. No need for sperm! And when the baby grows up, He’ll save the world.”

“From what?”

“People’s sins. Sins are like, the bad stuff people do.”

“How will he save them?”

“He’ll… die for them?”

“HE’LL DIE???”

“Wait! Sorry, spoiler!! Not yet!”

“When Papa Jesus grew up, He performed miracles.”

“What are miracles?”

“Um…. they’re like magic tricks? BUT THEY’RE NOT MAGIC TRICKS, OKAY. Like, God gave him powers to do miracles, so that… I don’t know. So people will believe in Him?”


“Yeah, He turned water into wine, and made someone who was dead alive again!”

“Oh, like a magic trick!”

“Some people thought Jesus doing miracles meant He was a bad guy, so they wanted to kill Him. One day, they took Him and — ”

“Oh no! Mommy! Is it scary?”

“Yes! But wait, no, it gets better. So they took Him, and they crucified Him.”

“Crucified Him?”

“They put Him on the cross. Like the one in the Church, remember? And they hammered nails through His hands and fee— ”


“And then, after three days, He wasn’t in the tomb anymore! He was alive again! And that’s the Easter we celebrate!”

“…...... Okay, but, so where are the bunnies?”

We ended up watching Beginners' Bible on YouTube to sleep.

So I maaaay or may not have my own share of awkward stories. But I've always enjoyed each conversation - all I needed to do was let it happen! ♥︎  If you want to have your own crazy and weird and wonderful heart-to-hearts with your own kids but don't know where to begin, here's something for you -- 
Techniques I've learned by fumbling through discussions like these:
I give you The Birds and the Babies! No question to icky or situation too sticky!

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