"Why do people love drugs sometimes?"

Was just playing around a few nights ago when I asked K, "Hey, you wanna record something?"

Of course he said yes - this is a little kid who pretends he's hosting his own YouTube channel, complete with "click to subscribe!"

So presenting, our little podcast.........



It's a Q&A challenge: K asks me things, and I (attempt to) answer them on the spot! Every episode (so... this one) has one main question as a topic. Here are our rules:

  • The question comes completely from K. I can only prompt with, "Do you have a question?" or "Do you have a question about [topic]"? Everything else is from him.

  • I can't know the question before we start recording! 
  • The conversation is recorded live (ums and all HAHA) in one take.

I wanted to be able to do something that was spontaneous and unscripted! It was either audio or video, and I'm... eh, I'm camera shy. So here's our first little experimental attempt! Let me know what you think, hehehe.

Last night's question and Episode 01! 

Why do people love drugs sometimes?



"Coffee makes me stay...?"
"Awake! That's right!"
"And also wanna work so much."

"Can you guess what happens if somebody takes too much alcohol?"
"... Can't."

"Why do people love drugs? Because you know what, sometimes, when people take drugs it does good stuff for them. They like the effect!"
"What the heck."



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K: Hi!

Me: Hi! I’m Mikli.

K: And K!

Me: And welcome to our little… podcast!

K: And this is our country club also, we name it something like that. And this is so big!

Me: It’s so big. It’s our little.. big.. home on the internet! Okay —

K: Yes!

Me: So! Today, what we’re gonna do is a challenge. K is gonna ask me a question and I’m gonna try to answer it on the spot. Ready, K?

K: Yeah!

Me: Okay. What’s your question?

K: Why does people love drugs sometimes?

Me: Why do.. Sorry, what?

K: Why does people love drugs sometimes?

Me: Why do people love drugs sometimes? Because, you know what? Uh, what kind of drugs do you know?

K: Just some coffee.

Me: You know coffee. And?

K: Alcocol.

Me: And alcohol.

K: I said alcocol!

Me: (laughs) Um, do you know why some people take coffee?

K: Why?

Me: Why do I take coffee?

K: Because it… makes you… want to sleep?

Me: Coffee? Coffee makes me stay…

K: Awake.

Me: Awake! That’s right!

K: And also wanna work so much.

Me: So, coffee makes me stay awake. So, I like coffee because of that reason. That, when I’m really sleepy in the morning before work, coffee helps me stay awake.

K: Why?

Me: Why? Because of the… there are chemicals in coffee. And they, yeah, they work in the brain. I have to research this, but I know that they block the receptors in my brain that, um, if something… they block the things that make me feel sleepy.

K: Hi!

Me: Hi. Did you get that? So that’s why coffee makes me awake?

K: Yeah.

Me: So some different kinds of drugs, have some, do some good stuff for some people. Like that! Coffee makes me stay awake!

K: Whuuuut.

Me: Do you have any other questions?

K: Ummm, kind of!

Me: Okay! What?

K: Why does people love drugs?

Me: Why do people love drugs? Because you know what, sometimes, when people take drugs it does good stuff for them. They like the effect!

K: What the heck.

Me: Yeah! So, but it depends. You have to take it properly. You can’t just take too much, because if I take a little bit of coffee, I feel awake. But if I take too much coffee, my heart starts beating, like, really really fast, and I feel —

K: So much?

Me: Yeah! So much! And I feel really dizzy, and I feel like puking, and it doesn’t feel nice! So you have to be careful when you take any sort of drug. If it’s coffee, or alcohol, or even medicine, remember when we look at your medicine in the, when you’re sick? And I say, hey, only this much. This is what the doctor said to take. Remember that? So why, why do I tell you that we have to follow what it says? … Why?

K: Because don’t take too much. ‘Cause you’ll get even worse. Or even more… die.

Me: Oh my goodness. But that’s true! You might overdose! So we have to be careful. So whenever we take something inside our body —

K: You take two!

Me: Yes, I take two, but you take one. Because we have different doses. Because? My body is bigger! So it needs more medicine.

K: I wanna be bigger, so I can eat two.

Me: Yeah, when you’re bigger, you get to drink two tablets.

K: You mean eat?

Me: Or eat, yes. You get to eat two tablets.

K: I have candy one.

Me: Yeah, your vitamins look like candy? Yeah. So, do you understand why some people like drugs?

K: Mmhmm.

Me: Why?

K: Because coffee keeps you awake! And dizzy when you drink too much.

Me: Yeah. So some people like drugs because of the stuff it can do for them. Do you know any other kind of drug?

K: No.

Me: How about alcohol? Do you know what it can do?

K: Make you dizzy?

Me: It makes some people dizzy.

K: Also coffee makes you dizzy.

Me: Yeah! If you take too much of it, it makes you dizzy! But if you take just a little bit of alcohol, you know what it makes some people feel? It makes some people feel, uh, talkative! And they like it, because it allows them to talk to their friends when they’re shy.

K: Ooooh

Me: But can you guess what happens if somebody takes too much alcohol?

K: … Can’t.

Me: Well.. Well, one is that they get dizzy. But do you know what? Too much alcohol? Might poison the body. And people start to throw up, ‘cause that’s the body’s way of trying to get rid of all the extra alcohol. It’s too much for the body. You understand that?

K: Mmmm, kind of.

Me: So, what did you learn? Did you learn something?

K: (whispers) Coffee.

Me: Louder, louder!

K: About coffee!

Me: Yeah. And so, how should we take any kind of drug?

K: (mumbles)

Me: Yeah. My question for you is, when you take a drug, how much should you take?

K: A little bit at a time.

Me: Can you say that louder?

K: A little bit at a time!

Me: Yeah! A little bit at a time, so you know how much is okay for you, right?

K: Yeah.

Me: Sometimes, this little bit at a time comes with instructions, like with medicine, or from your doctor. Why is it important that we only take it a little bit at a time?

K: Because you, maybe you will throw up if you take too much.

Me: That’s correct. So, don’t forget, you have to take what’s meant for you! Right?

K: Yeah.

Me: Yeah. So what do you think of that?

K: Good.

Me: Iz good? So next time, when you drink medicine, whatcha gonna do?

K: (holds up finger) One!

Me: Just one. Okay. We follow the… recommended dose. Alright?

K: Alright.

Me: Sounds good! So, was that good for you?


Me: Yeah, you learned something?

K: Yeah.

Me: Yeah. Okay, let’s say bye. Thanks everyone for listening!


Me: Hope you had fun with us too! Wait — one more! Say bye bye again!


Me: BYYYYE! THAAANKS! Um, this is Mikli! And!

K: K!

Me: Sayin’ bye!



Hope you enjoyed our little podcast! If you want a copy of the transcript, it's all PDF'd here!

Download the transcript to Episode 01: "Why do people love drugs sometimes?"

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