2. Dream Medium. Or Small. Or Weird. Or

In college, I had an orgmate who could read palms. 

While I'm 50% certain it's his way to hold people's hands on the sly, I was curious and asked him to read mine. My fortune? Growing up to make "just a little bit more than enough" money to be comfortable.

Excuse me.

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Mikli Comment
1. Happy anniversary!

Once upon a time, I was a teenager with a blog. Then I grew up and became a teenager with twenty* blogs.

I used to write a lot. A lot a lot. About life, random things, short stories, how boys in books are just better. Sometimes I'd write thrice a day. I never considered myself a writer; I was just someone who wrote. 

Now I call myself a writer but ... um. Haha, girl, where's the writing at?

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