6. The "What The Hell" Effect

I could say that life happened, because it did.

And I will tell myself for you, "That's no excuse!" because it's not.

But it's the truth, and it happened. 

So where do we go from here? 

2. Dream Medium. Or Small. Or Weird. Or

In college, I had an orgmate who could read palms. 

While I'm 50% certain it's his way to hold people's hands on the sly, I was curious and asked him to read mine. My fortune? Growing up to make "just a little bit more than enough" money to be comfortable.

Excuse me.

Mikli1 Comment
1. Happy anniversary!

Once upon a time, I was a teenager with a blog. Then I grew up and became a teenager with twenty* blogs.

I used to write a lot. A lot a lot. About life, random things, short stories, how boys in books are just better. Sometimes I'd write thrice a day. I never considered myself a writer; I was just someone who wrote. 

Now I call myself a writer but ... um. Haha, girl, where's the writing at?