Parenting styles are personal, so


This FREE mini-workshop is for you if your little preschooler is getting curious


and you want:

  • to answer your kid's questions honestly and get ahead of the misinformation that'll be coming from... everywhere

  • to help your kid navigate the (oftentimes messy) reality of the world around them instead of sheltering them from it

  • your child to know they can come to you with anything

  • to set the stage for future, more complicated questions and discussions

  • to talk to them now while they're young and it's so much easier and they're still coming to you (!)

The mini-workshop is completely virtual and self-paced, so you can access it anytime, anywhere -- like when the kids are (finally) napping!

There'll also be a hub where you can ask your questions, share your stories, and interact with me and othere parents going through the same stuff.

And it's free!

Sign up here, and I'll let you know when the mini-workshop goes live!


In the meantime,  

let me know in the comments below: 

What question are you dreading the most?

Or if your child is an extra-curious bean, what tricky questions have they already asked?