things i'm working on RIGHT NOW

  • A free virtual mini-workshop for parents of young children: how to prepare for when they start asking Those Questions.
    • (Right after this will come a version for parents of teens.)
  • Taking a pause from any sort of intentional marketing (social media, emails) to redesign this website a bit and create more content. I realized I don't like promotion and I miss creating and... I can do something about that? Huh.
  • Writing every day. 
  • Virtually assisting online entrepreneurs. I'm working with a few clients now, aka the ones who trusted me when I said outright that I really was just starting out. So grateful for that trust, because I'm learning so much so fast!
  • Finishing up a website for the abovementioned service. It's a totally separate brand from this one. Bought a new domain and everything! Aaaaaah it's real
  • Painting. Not because art; we just lost internet one weekend and I realized this was actually pretty fun. I have no idea what I'm doing, except having a great time with the captions. (Click!)
  • Learning to be funny. I'm in Steve Martin's Masterclass, and Jared Volle's Creative Stand Up courses. Funny is a lot of work. I love it.
  • Myself. Charot.