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a funny-faced hello from me and K!

Also known as ~the team~ that's going to be sending you emails on Sundays! 

What's in the emails, you ask? We've got:

  • An 8-page PDF with Tips & Tricks for Tricky Conversations to Make it Through Any Situation -- it's short, sweet, and practical. I think the title is longer than the actual mini-ebook cheat sheet! You'll get this immediately after signing up because yay! ♥︎

  • Lessons from my 5-year-old ..... sometimes I think he's raising me

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  • Candid not-for-social-media stories on motherhood - these are my behind the scenes kwentos; a little more informal than the blog, with a lot more CAPS LOCK AND PUNCTUATION MARKS PROBABLY??? 
  • AND YOU!!! The most important part! I read every email and get SUPER KILIG at every reply, so it's kind of an intimate conversation between us, yeh?

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