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hi, i'm mikli!

Once upon a time, what I thought was a particularly aggressive episode of gas turned out to be my little jumping bean of a baby kicking hello for the first time. SURPRISE! Apparently I wasn't just fat!

In the years since, I've been figuring out life by figuring out motherhood.

I believe in candid and honest and awkward conversations about the tough stuff, allowing my 5-year-old to talk back as long as he's polite and has a logical and reasonable argument, experiments to figure stuff out, learning from each other, and laughter and naps and farts and ugly faces!

I'm raising my son as much as he's raising me. This blog is a home for stories. Mine, my son's, and - if you'll share them with me - yours.

Motherhood: it's a big experiment, it's a big adventure, and oh my gosh it's so messy. Eh kasi sometimes it's just so much easier to wipe sipon with your shirt than to stand up and get tissue!!!



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First published on Rappler, June 2016



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