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"i love you." "i love chicken nuggets!"

& other tales of motherhood

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A few days ago, it was just important to me to raise my son right. Now, not only is it important, it is critical, and urgent, and has never been more fcking crucial.

A friend messaged me saying how, in this world where people are going, you know what, I don't want to have kids, why are we bringing people into this mess parenting is an act of hope.

And I'm hopeful.

Because in this shitstorm, I know of a tiny person who stands up to bullies by offering them a piece of paper from his bag, who didn't know I was showing him pictures of transgender people because all he saw was people, who will cry silent tears at the dentist because his heart is thumping but bravery means doing the right thing anyway, who keeps asking questions and calling out my explanations when they don't make sense.

So after work today, I'm going to go home, hug my five-year-old, (get a drink,) tell him some stories, and do my best to learn from the kid 'cause he knows what's up.

November 9, 2016


i believe in a life of learning & laughter


and this cute little weirdo who's so full of both.

(he's pink; i'm yellow)

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about the book

"I Love You." "I Love Chicken Nuggets." & Other Tales of Motherhood is a collection of essays and stories that take a candid look at parenthood - and being raised by the kid you're raising. 

Honest, sweet, funny, and written by a totally humble author who's also totally comfortable with all these adjectives and speaking in the third person, "ILY""ILCN"&OToM is a tome not just for parents, but for anyone figuring out this thing called life. (Because no one's ever really done growing up, are they?)

It’s actually good! In fairness.
— Ethan Jorge, Brother

Want a free sample? Have a chapter!

You’re so weird! And he’s so weird! You guys are so weird. It’s different. It’s refreshing!
— Chenoa Jorge, Sister
Brave enough to talk about the things we should’ve started talking about long before.
— Mon San Sebastian
— K, my son

convincing, yes?

about the author(s)

Hi, I'm Mikli! And this is K. Mostly, I just transcribe what he says.

Motherhood came as a surprise. I went from little girl, to little girl with a little boy. At 20, I was leaking breastmilk from under my PE shirt and rushing to pump before my neuropsychology class! I'm parenting while still growing up myself, and finding I'm learning a lot more from my son than I'm teaching him.

For five and a half years now, K has been my weird little companion, and the main source behind my most favorited tweets.

Mostly because he can get pretty savage: 

Me: (singing Hello)
K: Mom, is that a lullaby?
Me: Oh, you like it? You want me to sing it to you?
K: No. Can you play Spotify instead?

But also because he's a sweetheart who is the change I want to see in the world:

(I was reading an article on transgender selfies, and called him over)
Me: K, come here. Look, these people are all...
(at the same time)
Me: transgender
K: humans!

All I can do is bear witness and try to to keep up.

frequently asked k-uestions

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It's a PDF e-book for you to download and keep, to have and to kinda hold! When you order, the download link will be delivered instantly to your email.

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+ Is this a parenting book AKA just for parents?

Not necessarily! I didn't write it to be a how-to or manual on parenting. I wrote to make you laugh and maybe get an "awww" or two, I mean, only if you feel it, no presh.

It's a book on adventures and mess-adventures of parenthood told from the lens of first time motherhood and making sense of the world. Sure, these are stories of my kid, but it's because my son is the funniest thing to have happened to me he's so weird he's so strange.

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+ So wait, if the title of your book is "I Love You" "I Love Chicken Nuggets" & Other Tales of Motherhood... what's the #ChickenNuggetProject?

The book's nickname! Because like, what am I going to say when I name drop my book in casual conversation? "Oh, yes, I was just working on a little something, it's called ILYILCN&OToM!"

The #ChickenNuggetProject is just how it's known in the world because it's a lot easier and quicker to say. Also, it fits in a hashtag! (Please use it, para sulit!)

+ Why a book?

GOOD QUESTION. I'm a dang good rapper, even if I do say so myself. But while I'm waiting to be discovered by Daveed Diggs for our Hamilton Guns and Ships duet, writing's what I got, my friends! And a book is like, "So what's a good way to wring your creative juices Sahara-levels dry and just NOT SLEEP, for the funsies, for a very long time?"

+ I have some questions, a couple of suggestions.

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